Based in Frankfurt, working Globally

How i fell in Love with the Cars

Ever since I was a little boy, cars have fascinated me. I always passionately looked at the glossy sales brochures, cut out my favorite photos and hung them up in my room. It didn't matter how much horsepower, how much cubic capacity or what top speed the car had, I was only interested in the pictures. Pictures of the interior, the seats, the instruments...  

I put a photo of the instruments in front of me and imagined how and where I would drive this car.

The fascination for cars has always been there. First I drew the cars and then came the photography.

At first I photographed details like headlights, grills and mirrors. Then the lines and shapes. Now I'm telling a story with the pictures. I manage to put the vehicle in the right light in both unusual and ordinary places. For example on an empty street in an unspectacular industrial area or in a normal piece of forest - through my experienced eye I recognize the potential and the harmony between vehicle and environment.

Since 2000 I have been professionally educating myself in the field of photography in various photo studios.

In 2009 I became self-employed in the field of advertising design and advertising photography.

In the beginning I practiced product, food and portrait photography. Since 2012, the focus has shifted more and more towards car photography. Since then I've been able to work for well-known automotive companies from all over the world, be it a newcomer from Silicon Valley, an established brand from Europe or an innovative manufacturer from Asia. Not only manufacturers but also suppliers and companies that offer additional products on the automotive market benefit from my knowledge.

Since 2020 I have been developing my style also for lifestyle products.


Now I´m based in Frankfurt / Germany and working all over the World